Assetto Corsa on Sunday at 4PM ET, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM ET.
Assetto Corsa Competizione on Thursday and Saturday at 9PM ET
F1 races Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at 9PM ET.
iRacing runs on Thursday at 9PM ET.
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ACC Trevor Project Charity Race

This vod is the meme stream of our Second Annual Trevor Project Race in ACC, raising over 490 USD for the Trevor Project. Join a poor open-wheel racer as he attempts to commentate a GT3 race, mainly focusing on the pride flags and whoopsie, someone made the mistake of giving him the admin password.

F1 Tier 1 in Mexico

As the championship draws to an end, will current leader Tere be able to close out the fight tonight? Leading ahead of Rogue by 30 points he needs to maitain a gap of 26 points in order to secure the championship, watch these two go head to head in a rain swept Mexican bonanza.

ACC Sprint as Brands Hatch

Join ACC as they sprint head first into some walls to work off some of the new season energy.

Champions Corner

As an homage to those who raced before us, we dedicate this section of the website to those who have won championships in our league. You will find their name and series below.


F1 Tier 1 Season 1


F1 Tier 1 Season 2


F1 Tier 2 Season 2 and Tier 1 Season 3


F1 Tier 2 Season 3


F1 Tier 3 Season 4.


F1 Tier 2 Season 4 and FE Season 1

Tommy Bordeaux

iRacing IndyCar Season 1


F1 Tier 1 Season 4 and Tier 1 Season 5


F1 Tier 2 Season 5


F1 Tier 3 Season 5

Andrew Worden

ACC Season 1 Sprint and Endurance and ACC Season 2 Overall

Daniel Wright

ACC Season 3 Overall


ACC Season 3 Amateur Division

T. Eriksson

DiRT Rally Season 3

David McCourt

iRacing IndyCar Season 2


F1 Tier 1 Season 6


F1 Tier 2 Season 6

Alexis Moisan

ACC Season 4 Overall

Rob Barker

ACC Season 4 Amateur Division

David McCourt

iRacing IndyCar Season 3


F1 Tier 1 Season 7


F1 Tier 2 Season 7

Eric Durace

AC Season 1 F1

Andrew Surowiec

iRacing IndyCar Season 4

Apollo Racing Club

Apollo Racing Club is an online sim racing community centered around the PC Platform. We run championships in Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally 2.0, Indycar in iRacing and F1 2021 among other non-racing games!